Land Rover Common Faults


Green Bros Landrover Ltd aim to bring you details on the most common faults and advice on how to recitfy them.


Discovery 2


        Front left suspension low-The is caused by the coil spring failing we would usually replace them in pairs to keep the front of your vehilce nice and level.

        Diesel leak/fumes through heater -The the fuel pressure regulator on the TD5 are prone to leaking & this can lead to fumes coming through the heater, any diesel leaks should be attended to as soon as you realise you have a proplem, this is easily rectified with a new fuel pressre regulator.

       Hill desent/ABS and traction control light on- Front wheel bearing failures causing your hill descent light,abs and tracion control lights to come on. To rectify the fault it will require a complete unit with new ABS sensor included.

       Eratic running and engine misfire- The discovery 2 has a very common fault with the engine injector wiring loom failing due to being subject to high engine temperatures
this can cause poor running engine misfire or ECU failure due to engine oil running through the wiring loom down towards the ecu,

       Rear air suspension failure- A few thing can happen on the air suspension on a discovery 2 the main problem is the air bags fail this is just wear and tear,as the suspension raises and lowers the rubber air bag folds over it's self which wears and cracks causing a leak on the system. These need to be replaced as soon as possible or the air compresser can work overtime putting to much strain on it. We recommed the compressor air filter is regularly changed as this is often overlooked.


Freelander 1


      The freelander suffers from the viscous coupling seizing which is situated between the propshafts.When this unit fails it can cause the transfer box (IRD) or the rear differential fail.You should get this checked regulaly to aviod costly repair's,If you see the rear tyre's starting to feather/uneven wear or when reversing round corners it feels like the brakes are sticking on this is the early sign's of failure of the viscous coupling..

       The 1.8 petrol engine is notorious for cylinder head gasket failure early sign's will be indicated from above average engine temperature & oily deposit's in the coolant header tank. Continued use of a failed head gasket can and will lead to engine failure.

Clutch pedal problems -This starts with only 3/4 of the clutch pedal having any feel to it then when it fail's it sticks to the floor this is caused by the master/slave cylinder failure and requires a complete unit replacement.

        None start TD4 models is usually a low pressure pump failure located behind the drivers rear wheel arch.


Range Rover sport and Discovery 3

        Discovery 3 and Range rover sport the EGR valves suffer from sticking whilst in operation this can cause various problems the main one is extreme loss of power but also running problems,black smoke and high fuel comsumption,The valves are designed to help emissions by the way of recycling exhaust gases but do suffer from failure at low mileages.
There are 2 units on these engine and are usually replaced in pair's alternativly at the customers request we can fit bypass kits to prevent further failures.Please note EGR valves can only be blanked on pre 2007 models.

       The electronic park brake or EPB suffers from loud screeching noise or even failing to operate,this can vary from cleaning and adjustment or may require a new upgraded handbrake actuator.

        Air suspension light displayed on dash,The most common reason for the air suspension light is failure or weak air compressor the units are now replaced with a upgraded AMK compressor which requires a software upgrade which we at Green Bros Land Rover can carry out .


For any further information to any related problems on your land Rover or Range Rover please just call 01706 378784